To those of you who still believe that (that ignorance is bliss), we refer you to the “Correction, Please!” column, in The New American magazine, for October 10, 2011, pps. 41-43, subtitled: “Playing Down the PLA”.

There are none so vulnerable as those who want to be.  The Bible calls it: “willful ignorance” (II Pet. 3:5).


If you’re wondering what’s happening to the United States, here (the following) is an excerpt from the monthly “Action Report”, published by Freedom First Society, for the month of August, 2011:

“Few Americans frustrated over losses in the culture war have any idea what’s behind the assault, and therefore they have no realistic solution.

The cultural assault is neither spontaneous, nor just an unfortunate sign of the times. The assault is organized with revolutionary intent, employing deception (such as spawning a multitude of front groups to mimic civil society) in pursuit of objectives outlined many decades ago by Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci.

Indeed, the Left seeks to win the Gramscian ‘war of position,’ with a ‘long march through the institutions.’  Gramsci realized that to establish total government in the Western nations it would be necessary to subvert institutions, such as the family and organized religion, which insulate the individual from the direct power of government. Absent that support, the individual feels isolated and unable to resist.

And that points to one of the culture war’s most diabolic objectives — destruction of the will to resist.  More than a decade ago, G. Vance Smith” (President of Freedom First Society) “reminded patriots: ‘Robert Welch … warned … that one of the most diabolical strategies of  Communists and their ilk was to destroy the will to resist by convincing their opposition — the American people — that our moral decline is inevitable, that socialism is the wave of the future.’

And certainly many have fallen victim to the enemy’s efforts to convince Americans that it’s too late, that resistance is futile.  Mr. Smith continued by summarizing the challenge of the culture war:

‘The will to resist evil, falsehood, and perversion is needed now more than ever.  Mr. Welch recognized, as few others did at that time, that we were under attack from an organized, global conspiracy, which he called, frankly, Satanic, aimed at our total destruction.  He recognized that this was a moral fight and that it could not be won by political action alone.  He realized that positive, long-term political gains could come only from a base of morality and a nucleus of Americans armed with sufficient understanding of our economic and political system and the nature and methods of the enemy we face.’”

For examples of the Gramscian assault, in the American “culture war”, as well as the Gramscian “Long March through the Institutions”, click on the DOMESTIC COMMUNISM tab, on this website, and read the sections entitled: DOMESTIC COMMUNISM; DOMESTIC COMMUNISM I; AND: DOMESTIC COMMUNISM II.