We recommend reading the book review: “History Told to Provide a Tonic”,  by James D. Heiser, M.Div., S.T.M., in the New American Magazine, for November 4, 2013, pp.  34-35.

Reading the latest book by Diana West  [American Betrayal – The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character,New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2013, 403 pages, hardcover] is not easy, but it is extremely helpful if one is to have a proper perspective on our nation’s many tragic missteps before and during the Cold War, and the way in which moral malaise and ethical ambiguity came to rule the American psyche.

In American Betrayal the reader is confronted by the implications of the seeming ambiguity of the book’s title: It is not a book chronicling the days in which the Republic was betrayed at a crucial point in its history. Rather, American Betrayal is an account not only of the way in which the American Republic was betrayed by Soviet agents and “useful idiots,” but of the multitude of ways in which the United States betrayed allies and undermined freedom-seeking individuals and movements throughout Europe and around the world. American Betrayal is a book that chronicles the course of a nation’s spiritual decline as ,any leaders in government, business, education, and the media were either subverted by communist influences, or elected to become willfully blind to the subversion. … [click here to read article in its entirety]